TV Casting Call for A New Show about Truckers

In my 15 years of watching truck drivers interact with waitresses, cashiers, shipping clerks, forklift drivers, mechanics, and heck, even other truckers, I’ve discovered that 99% of truckers think they’re in some way either, funny, amusing, interesting, unique, extremely handsome, or most likely, all of the above. Sadly, a big chunk of us aren’t any of those things. If you need proof of that, I’ve got over 80 blog posts you’re welcome to peruse. 😀

But that doesn’t mean that all of us are as annoying as a truck-trapped fly equipped with a bullhorn and a teeny-tiny jetpack. I’m sure there are some drivers out there who actually are funny, amusing, interesting, or unique, and possibly even too sexy for their shirt. Well here’s your chance to prove it.

The Speed Channel is looking for drivers who are interested in being on a new show about truckers.

It’s called Payload, and it’s being called an “adventure race.” While they’re naturally keeping the details of the race locked up at CIA headquarters, I can tell you that there will be four drivers competing for a whopping $70,000! There will be seven legs of the race (each worth $10,000) and all four drivers will do all seven legs. So if you’re the super-trucker that you think you are, you could win all seven legs and be $70,000 richer! Just remember that I’m your friend if that happens. I’ve had my eye on a decked out 13″ MacBook Air. 😉

I’d say from the looks of the Payload video that this show looks like it’s got a heck of a lot of potential for making truckers look good for a change of pace. Check it out for yourself. And if my server is slower than a Prime truck at full throttle, you can also see the video at

Let me clarify something that was in the text at the end of the video. When I watched this video for the first time, I thought, “Oh great. Since it mentioned showing off your skills in YOUR rig, they must only be looking for owner/operators.” Well, I’ve got good news for you company drivers. I contacted Marc Levine (one of the casting directors for the show) and found out that casting is open to ALL truck drivers, both owner/operators and company drivers!

Marc said that finding the right drivers was first and foremost. And if that means that some of the “right” drivers wind up being company drivers, they’d supply a truck for him/her to drive. Cool, huh? You know, now that I think about it, Marc actually said they were looking for the right “characters.” I’m not sure how he meant that, but I know some of you fit that category for sure. 😀 Or maybe you know someone who’d be perfect for the show?

Well here’s the thing. If you or a buddy wants to be a part of this show, you’d better kick it into Georgia Overdrive and get your video and application in quick. The deadline is May 18 and they don’t want you waiting around until the last minute. So don’t screw around and mess up your chances. Pretend like you’re hauling an expedited load and get it to them ASAP.

If you’re interested in putting your name in the hat, go to for more details or you can contact Marc Levine or Heather May directly at Be sure to include a brief description of yourself, a history of your trucking experience, two recent photos of you and your truck, and a phone number to reach you. A brief video would also help them get a good idea of your camera mojo.

So what are you waiting for? You could either sit around here and wait another month for me to put up another blog post, or you could get yourself on Payload, earn some extra dough, buy me a 13″ MacBook Air, and finally convince everyone that you’re as cool as you’ve been telling everyone for years. And let’s face it. About the only way that will ever happen is for everyone to see your ugly mug on the Speed Channel.

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13 Responses to “TV Casting Call for A New Show about Truckers”

  1. driverchrismc Says:

    Wow did they pay u 4 this advertisement? They probably paid 2 much LMFAO

    And as 4 that prime truck at full throttle crack. Well your my friend so I’ll be nice. It was totally uncalled 4 but I was LMFAO so it’s all good brother

    • Todd McCann Says:

      No Chris, I wasn’t paid for this blog post. I did it because the casting director wrote me an email and asked if I could help spread the word. And since I’ve a got a big ol’ squishy heart, I was more than happy to help. Not to mention I didn’t have to put much thought into it. LOL

      As for that “slow Prime truck” crack, well frankly I’m a little pissed at your assumption that it was aimed at you. You know I’d never do that to a friend. 😀

  2. Rose L Says:

    What are you waiting for? I think you are quite clever, entertaining and creative. Go for it!!

  3. helmetorheels Says:

    I agree with Rose! So, are you putting together a video??

    • Todd McCann Says:

      Sorry helmetorheels, but I have no plans to apply for the show. As you well know from following me on Twitter, I’m a pretty boring guy for the most part. I eat the same food inside my truck every day, I rarely get out of my truck to go exploring, and I hate confrontation or drama of any kind. I’m really not all that competitive-minded either. Now does that sound like someone who would make a reality show more exciting? I didn’t think so. I’m glad you think I’d be good, but I’ll have to pass.

  4. Christy Kuppler Says:

    I think Todd should definitely apply for this! He is my favorite blogger, he shares health tips on YouTube, he isn’t too terrible on the eyes, I vote for the Toddfather! lol!

    • Todd McCann Says:

      LOL. Well Christy, I don’t think I’ve ever actually LOL’d and blushed at the same time. I think that might be the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me, barring my mom and The Evil Over… no, just my mom. 😉 Seriously, thanks for the nice words. Now I have some parting words for you.

      It’s time to make another appointment at LensCrafters. Clearly, you’re having trouble seeing text AND images.

  5. Christy Kuppler Says:

    Oh, what the hell, I submitted my app to them, lol! Got nothing to lose by trying, right? 😀

  6. Heidi Says:

    Too funny! So what is going w this reality show now?

    • Todd McCann Says:

      Hello Heidi. The last I heard was that they were still in the process of selecting the four contestants. So they either got a LOT of entries or they’re being super-picky. Or both. I’m looking forward to seeing the show too.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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