Eddie Rabbitt Was Right

Photo by sampsyo via Flickr

Eddie and I arent’ exactly tight, but we do have one thing in common. “I love a rainy night.” So does he. Last night I drove through a heck of a lightning storm in Oklahoma. I don’t really know what it is about driving in the rain, but I really dig it. Maybe I should clarify my love of rain a bit.

I don’t love all rain. I don’t love it when it comes down so hard that you can’t see three feet in front of your truck. I don’t love it when it’s accompanied by high winds. I don’t love it when it pools on the road and causes you to hydroplane. I don’t love it when it causes flooding. I’m not particularly fond of it when it rains when the sun is shining. I mean, c’mon.  Make up your freakin’ mind. But most of all I absolutely hate it when it doesn’t come down consistently.

Like your car, all modern trucks come equipped with a wiper delay function. Still, most of the time it just doesn’t cut the mustard. Although I’m really not sure how you even start the process of cutting mustard. How can you cut something that is mostly liquid? And why exactly would you want to cut the mustard? What did the mustard do to warrant getting cut? Well, now that we’ve made that as clear as mud, let’s move on.

When you drive up to eleven hours every day, the last thing you want to do is fiddle with your wipers all day. But that is exactly what happens. Rain starts as a drizzle so you turn on your wipers using a slow delay. Perfect. Then all of a sudden the sky dumps on you and you have to crank them all the way up to maximum speed just to see the road. When it lets up, you have to adjust the speed again. When this keeps up all day, I get really annoyed. Give me a nice steady rain that lasts all day and I’m a happy camper. Don’t, and I’ll be as annoyed as a marathoner with a hemorrhoid attack. Oooo!

“So. . .”, you may ask, “what’s your point?” I don’t really have one. Just thought I’d share.

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2 Responses to “Eddie Rabbitt Was Right”

  1. driverchrismc Says:

    At least now I know I’m not the only one who posts blogs without having a point

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